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University of Wyoming

Department Directory

The Department is located on the second floor of the Physical Sciences Building, near the west end of the Laramie campus. Follow this link for a campus map and tour.

For information please contact the department at or 307-766-6150.

Administrative & Technical Staff

  • Mike Brotherton (Associate Professor) Ph.D., Texas, 1996. Multi-wavelength observations of quasars and active galaxies; quasar/galaxy mutual evolution.
  • Yuri Dahnovsky (Professor) Ph.D., Russian Academy of Sciences, 1983. Computational and theoretical physics: molecular electronic devices, solar cells, electronic properties of surfaces, nonequilibrium Green functions, photon-assisted tunneling and electron transfer reactions.
  • Daniel Dale (Professor, Department Head) Ph.D., Cornell, 1998. Ground- and space-based multi-wavelength studies of galaxies; clusters of galaxies; observational cosmology.
  • Adrian Feiguin (Assistant Professor) Ph.D., Universidad Nacional de Rosario, 2000. Computational studies of strongly correlated systems in condensed matter. Density matrix renormalization groups, exact diagonalization, quantum Monte Carlo and analytical methods.
  • Paul Johnson (Professor) Ph.D., Washington, 1979. Biophysics; detection of pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Chip Kobulnicky (Associate Professor) Ph.D., Minnesota, 1997. Ground and space-based studies of dynamics & chemical abundances in galaxies; radio, optical, and infrared spectroscopy; young star clusters; massive star formation; astronomical instrumentation.
  • Rudy Michalak (Academic Professional) Ph.D., Physics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 1993. Experimental condensed matter physics; nuclear magnetic resonance; science education.
  • Adam Myers (Assistant professor, arriving Fall 2011) Ph.D. Durham, 2004. Distribution of quasars across cosmic history; constraining cosmology, models of quasar activity and galaxy formation.
  • Mike Pierce (Associate Professor) Ph.D., Hawaii, 1988. Galaxies, clusters of galaxies, large-scale structure of the universe, observational cosmology, astronomical instrumentation.
  • Jinke Tang (Professor) Ph.D., Iowa State, 1989. Experimental condensed matter physics and materials science: spintronics and optoelectronics; magnetic semiconductors; half-metals; magnetic, optical and thermoelectric properties of nanomaterials; tunneling magnetoresistance; thin films.
  • David Thayer (Academic Professional) Ph.D., MIT, 1983. Theoretical studies of plasmas, fusion, fluids, turbulence, and nonlinear dynamics; quantum mechanical foundations; computational analysis of chemical plume tracing using robotic swarms.
  • Wenyong Wang (Assistant Professor) Ph.D., Yale, 2004. Experimental condensed matter physics; nanotechnology
  • Adjunct Faculty

  • Alexander Kutyrev Ph.D., Moscow University, 1986. Astronomical instrumentation and detector development with the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Jay P. Norris Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1983. Gamma Ray bursts. GLAST CoI, LATs GRB science Co-lead, GLAST Science Support Center manager; Swift CoI
  • Tim Slater (Secondary Education) (Professor), Ph.D., South Carolina, 1993. Science education. The Cognition in Astronomy, Physics, and Earth Sciences Research team (CAPER)
  • Wendong Wang (Assistant Professor) Ph.D., University of Science and Technology, Beijing, 1997. Condensed matter physics
  • Faculty with Related Interests

  • Robert Howell (Geology & Geophysics) (Associate Professor) Ph.D., Arizona, 1980. Planetary science: volcanism on Io. High angular resolution observations, speckle interferometry, and lunar occultation studies of stellar/planetary formation.

Academic Staff


Graduate Students

Teachers in Residence
  • Matt Bryant (2004,2006,2010)
  • Jay Dornfeld (2009)
  • Jim Hoffman (2007-2008)
  • Lauren Lucas (2010)
  • Michelle Miller (2006-2010)
  • Charles Miller (2003-2004)
  • Ted Parsons (2007)
  • Lorrain Rudd (2009)
  • Megan Salvador (2008)
  • Chad Sharpe (2003-2005,2010)
  • Elena Singer (2007)
  • Jacquelyn Wolfgang (2008)
  • Colleen Zeglin (2008)

Personnel and Contact Information
Department Head Danny Dale
Graduate Admissions Chip Kobulnicky
Graduate Advising Mike Brotherton
Wyoming Infrared Observatory 307-742-8666
WIRO Director Chip Kobulnicky
WIRO Lab 307-766-2860
Red Buttes Observatory 307-755-0166
Wyoming Space Grant Director Paul Johnson