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University of Wyoming


The Graduate program in Physics & Astronomy is a small, personal, yet challenging environment where students will receive advanced instruction and guidance to grow as independent research scientists while using unique research facilities in astronomy and physics. We have a young, growing department, having hired 4 new faculty in the last two years! The strengths of the department lie in a faculty committed to excellence in instruction and individual mentoring. Unique research facilities include Wyoming's own 2.3 meter telescope on the nearby 9600 ft. Jelm Mountain and the newly equipped 0.6 m Red Buttes Observatory. The Graduate Program is designed to help students mature as research scientists and as professional teachers.

Laramie's location at 7,200 ft. elevation near the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains provides excellent recreational opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, skiiing, and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the "mountain west" all within a short drive. Its location gives Laramie a unique cultural flavor, combining elements of the rugged rural west with the cosmopolitan aspects of an intellectual center. With a population of 27,000 and 10,000+ students, Laramie is a comfortable, friendly town having all the perks of a vibrant university community yet with a low cost-of-living. By car, Laramie is approximately 135 miles north of Denver, and 60 miles north of Fort Collins, Colorado.