Journal Club

University of Wyoming, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Fridays, @3pm in the Prowse Room (PS 234)

The purpose of the Journal Club is to broaden our perspectives in astronomy research while learning, having fun, and keeping up to date on current research outside the

Spring 2010 - send requests and materials to Dave Cook (

 Journal club schedule


1) The paper has to be ACCEPTED.

2) Have paper chosen and sent to JClub host ( by Monday evening.

3) No annual reviews.

4) No conference proceedings.


1) Read the paper before submitting to JC host.

2) Start off with a 10 - 15 minute summary of the paper.

3) Discuss the implications for the paper you've chosen. (Why is it important to your field, etc)

4) Have notes to guide you through summary and discussion topics.

5) Please be prepared to bring up a few points of interest in the paper.

6) If using a projector for plots, make the plots BIG and forget the caption.


1) At the very LEAST, read the abstract, introduction, and conclusion of the paper.

2) Remeber, this is a discussion. If someone misunderstands something, help them out.

3) Try not to interrupt the discussion leader during his/her summary.

4) Show up.

Team Discussions:
If you decide you want to partner up with someone, all of us will expect the discussion to be much better!

Powerpoint is not required:
In an effort to encourage discussion and participation, there is no powerpoint required. If however, you want to use powerpoint, please keep in mind that this is a discussion, not a presentation.

Local Research Talks:
Please feel free to chose a paper in your field as it will be easier for you to lead a discussion