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Andria Schwortz

Official Stuff

Office: PS 103-C
Office Hours: WF 9-10am
Physics@Night: MTuW 7-9pm, PS 234
Email: aschwort@uwyo.edu


Programming Template - a useful tool to help me "offload" some of the cognitive load involved in programming. It basically helps me to keep track of what a program is doing and how. If I have many interacting, I then make a collection of them connecting to each other on a bulletin board or blackboard, kinda like in A Beautiful Mind.

About Me

I grew up in NYC and call Boston my home. I'm working on my PhD in the Physics & Astronomy department, where I'm doing interdisciplinary research on quasar clustering with Dr. Adam Myers, and on how people learn to work with databases in astronomy with Dr. Andrea Burrows. I am also on leave of absence as faculty at a community college in Massachusetts.

In my free time (hah!) I play casual video games, listen to sci-fi/fantasy audiobooks, knit, play with my pet bird, and most years I participate in the MIT Mystery Hunt, a team puzzle-solving competition.