If you're a member of the Paul or Rose family, or if you're just interested in my family, you're in the right place.  I've taken a few of my favorite pictures, and placed them here.

 Justin's Wyoming visit 2003

Justin my brother, was caught a little off guard by the giant T-Rex statue on my campus.

Someone built a ice pyramid in the middle of campus, so Jus took my picture on it.

Don't we look bad ass? (P.S. those 'skateboard sleds' we $3 each at walmart... totally worth it)


Christmas Morning 2002

That's right, who grills steak for breakfast on Christmas morning, in the shed no the less because it's raining?

The Paul family that's who!

Summer 2003

Cassandra, Justin and Alethea, the three Paul children, soak up some sun at Davis Park, Fire Island.

Mom and Dad taking a walk on the board walk on Fire Island

Martha, Mary Anne, Justin and Garry waiting for the subway in NYC after a very educational and fun day.

Summer 2004

Mary Anne, Martha, Me, and my two friends Julia and Grace (front), take a break from dancing at Davis Park's Casino.

The making of the annual Rose family sand castle

James, Lauren, Me, John E., Alethea, William, Cory and Charlie, some of the castle's contributors.

Wyoming Trip 2005

Mary Anne, Lauren, and Jessica lounge before facing a full day of Wyoming activities.

Jessica tries her hand at being a cowgirl... even though she's riding a Bison.

Mary Anne imitates, and possibly surpasses Jessica's attempt.

Dad takes a break from the long drive to Yellowstone Park.

Mom and Dad enjoy the weather at Yellowstone

Don't let this picture fool you yes, it is May yes, it is snowing... no, no one cares... because Yellowstone is awesome!

See, all smiles, even in the horrible weather.

Lauren and Jessica... so cute. :)

Mary Anne, Lauren, and Martha pose in front of the waterfall.

Jessica hides from the wind and makes her lunch.... in the trunk!

Dad leans in for a closer look (and photo) of quite possibly the only wild flower in all of Yellowstone this time of year.

Lauren and Cory stand in front of a steamy view at Mammoth Hot Springs

Jessica gives me a break from walking....

The whole family bands together to carry Mom up a hill... who says this part isn't wheel chair accessible?

Garry, Martha, Mary Anne, Cory, Lauren, Cassandra, & Jessica.

Wow, for once Laramie's weather is actually an improvement!

Mom's Birthday 2005

Jessica and Cassandra dressed for Hawaii, but in NY.

Naomi & Lauren

Justin patiently lets his cousins stick hibiscuses to his face.

Justin's patience has apparently dissolved by this point.

Samuel hands me some flowers... thanks!

Cousins gather to play the game of this year's party.

Dad and Garry man the grill.

I was taking this picture of Patty, and Jessica.... NOT of Justin's armpit.

Samuel and Charlie pose after a game of catch.

Let's show another one of Samuel and Charlie, just because they are so cute!

Grandma, Patty and Mom before we lit all of those candles.

Judah hangs out.

Naomi and Lauren do what they are better than anyone else at!

Isaac, Justin and Cory jam in this family band.

John shows off his juggling skills.