Beautiful Jelm

(This is my 'pretty pictures' page of Jelm.  if you want actual information on the WIRO observatory on Jelm mountian, click here.)



Left: A hazy sunset from the summit



Below: The road home doesn't look so safe....


















Left: Another hazy sunset from the observatory.








Below: Sun shining through the snow covered trees...











Above: I'd like to say that those are my footprints leading off into

the sunset, but actually, they are my footprints leading back

into the observatory to start a night of data collection.







Right: WIRO in the snow.  Imagine standing on that roof

with a push broom sweeping off the snow.

yeah.... that sucked.















The physics department finishers of the 2004 Jelm Mountain Race

Yup..... that's 5.5 miles UP the mountain and then 5.5 miles back down to the cathouse.

11 miles!!! Yikes!