Vedauwoo is a gorgeous state park about 15 minutes away from UW.  People from all around come to hike, climb, and camp.  However, it's not very well known outside of Wyoming, and therefore doesn't get very crowded.




Jeannie and I scramble up some boulders near Turtle Rock in order to get a more dramatic photo. 











Travis poses for me while I take his photo









No, this is not a Hollywood set... Cassandra is perched on a boulder

next to an frozen waterfall, in a cave, with the sun setting

in the background.  Wow, what a place.










One of my attempts at photography... I call this one...

'Elephant Pooping'

I'm sorry.... that's what I see!









A storm approaches Vedauwoo... or maybe it's leaving....

depends on if you're an optimist or a pessimist.











Another titled picture... don't worry, this one is called:

'The Two Towers'

I know... super original









Julia and I get a great view of the valley.