Instrumentation Research Summary

The next generation of optical and infrared spectrographs will provide true 3-D (2 spatial + 1 spectral) data that we will use to simultaneously map the chemical, kinematic, and ionization structure of a wide range of astrophysical phenomena. I have collaborated with a Gemini instrument group to design a Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics (MCAO) imager and spectrograph which will be a second-generation Gemini instrument capable of performing 0.05'' resolution imaging over an unprecedented 80'' field of view. Positionable integral field units will perform IR spectroscopy on up to 30 targets simultaneously. Applications range from assessing the physical conditions in highly redenned star-forming clusters in the Milky Way to measuring the kinematics of galaxy nuclei and high-redshift galaxies. I also worked as instrument scientist on the design ( Kobulnicky et al. 2003 , Burgh et al. 2003 , Nordsieck et al. 2003) of the Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph on the Southern African Large Telescope . Here at Wyoming, I helped design a new prime focus corrector to allow wide-field optical imaging at Wyoming Infrared Observatory 2.3 m telescope.
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