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Version: 2 November 2001
Enter inputs to a burst of star formation

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Oxygen 16 yields are from Woosley & Weaver 1995 for 0.1 and 1.0 solar metallcity


IMF ( -2.35 = Salpeter; -0.1 > imf > -5.0):
Mlow : Mup : Total Mass of Stars (in solar masses) :
Metallicity (1.0=solar):

Stellar Yields from?: Woosley & Weaver '95 Maeder '92 Note: You must use WW95 yields if you want Fe and H+He ejecta masses

Lower mass limit for yield integration (e.g., 15 Msun): Upper mass limit for yield integration (e.g., 35 Msun):

Factor by which to alter Fe yields from WW95 (prefer default=1.0):

Mass of ambient material to mix with ejecta (solar masses):

Metallicity of ambient material (1.0=solar):


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