Research Guidelines with Chip

A good working relationship between a research advisor and a student is a matter of compatible styles and flexibility for both parties. Here's what I expect from a student (this is mainly geared toward graduate students). For new students, give me an idea of how YOU like to work so that I can better adjust my advising style to fit your person. Rank on a scale of 1-5 where 1=not true and 5=very true.

___ I need someone to help me set deadlines in order to achieve goals.
___ I like frequent discussion and feedback from my advisor when I work.
___ I work best when people just leave me alone and let me work at my own pace.
___ I like step-by-step instructions to help me understand what to do.
___ I prefer frequent encouragement to assure me that I'm doing well.
___ I like to be given a very general instructions and then go figure out the details on my own.
___ I'm good at encouraging and motivating myself.
___ I often get distracted by other things when I need to be working (by playing games, during the web, etc).