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Computer Simulations Click here for a quick 3D tour of the Pisces-Perseus supercluster of galaxies. This short loop from the longer 3 minute movie stems from an outreach project that Matthew Schwartz spearheaded as an REU student during my days as a graduate student at Cornell. Matthew and I developed this movie for the Arecibo Observatory Visitor Center.

Research Experience for Teachers Various high school science teachers have worked with me during the summers on astronomy research. Such experiences help teachers to get a first-hand opportunity to learn about the joys and rewards of doing science as a profession, experience that they can they relay to students in their own classrooms.

Astro Camp Wyoming Astro Camp is a 10-day residency camp for rising approximately 50 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Campers camp under the stars, observe at the telescope, and learn in the classroom and the field. Our camp theme is "Journey to the Stars", and students tackle the challenges involved in colonizing another planetary system. Chip Kobulnicky (Director) and Danny Dale (Assistant Director) have led Astro Camp since its inception in 2003, with funding currently coming from the Harris Foundation and ExxonMobil.

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ASTRO CAMP -- Left (2003): Students from Casper (WY) constructed spectroscopes during a recent science camp sponsored by the UW Department of Physics and Astronomy. Participants used telescopes, launched rockets and had an opportunity to learn about career and educational opportunities in science. Center (2004): A student from Dubois (WY) checks out his rocket before launching it during the University of Wyoming's Astronomy Camp. Youths built and launched their own rockets, constructed a model solar system, conducted scientific experiments and learned to use telescopes during the three-day camp. The UW Department of Physics and Astronomy organizes the annual event. Right (2006): A young astronomer from Wheatland (WY) examines solar flares through a filtered telescope during the recent astronomy camp at the University of Wyoming. Youths learned how to use telescopes, built and launched their own rockets, constructed satellites under water, and conducted scientific experiments during the five-day science camp (UW photos and captions)

This BVR image of the Cocoon Nebula was taken with the WIRO prime focus camera
(07/09/2002 Charles Miller & Daniel Dale)