Pictures from the 1970s
Miscellaneous: baby pics, pre-school
Mar 2003: visit from Melanie & Mom
Jun 2003: Mom & Dad on Little Laramie Trail
Sep 2003: girls
Sep 2003: Laramie activities, Doyles
Sep 2003: LA Zoo, beach
Sep 2003: At the Helou's
Nov 2003: Melanie & Maxwell in the Angeles Natl Forest, Pasadena
Nov 2003: Henrichs, Disneyland, Dayals
Nov 2003: Pismo Beach, LA Zoo, gymnastics
Dec 2003: Long Beach Aquarium, Teri & Marnie, house
Jun 2004: Climbing wall
Jul 2004: Maxwell & the girls on Jelm
Aug/Sep 2006: First day of 2nd grade and pre-K; Little Kickers
Aug 2007: First day of Kindergarten and 3rd grade
Dec 2009
Caribbean 2011