The Wyoming Survey for Hα

Team WySH: Daniel Dale, Seth Cohen, Dave Cook, Cliff Johnson, Carolynn Moore, Micah Schuster, Shawn Staudaher
WySH Affiliates: Rose Finn (Siena), Janice Lee (Carnegie)
Former WySHers: Becky Barlow, ShiAnne Kattner, Christine Lamanna, Travis Laurance, Mark Reiser, Jake Thatcher

"The Wyoming Survey for Hα: I. Initial Results at z~0.16 and 0.24" Dale et al. 2008, AJ, 135, 1412
"The Wyoming Survey for Hα: II. Hα Luminosity Functions at z~0.16, 0.24, 0,32, and 0.40" Dale et al. 2010
"The Wyoming Survey for Hα: III. A Multi-wavelength Look at Attenuation by Dust in Galaxies out to z~0.4" Moore, Dale et al. 2010
"The Hα Luminosity Function and Star-Formation Rate Volume Density at z=0.8 from the NEWFIRM Hα Survey" Ly et al. 2011
"A Dual-Narrowband Survey for Hα Emitters at Redshift of 2.2: Demonstration of the Technique and Constraints on the Hα Luminosity Function" Lee et al. 2012
"Average Metallicity and Star Formation Rate of Lyalpha Emitters Probed by a Triple Narrowband Survey" Nakajima et al. 2012
"Nebular Attenuation in Hα-selected Star-forming Galaxies at z = 0.8 from the NewHα Survey" Momcheva et al. 2013

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Pointings WySH 1 Lockman Elais N1 
DSS images (2 sq deg) 10h45m (Lockman Hole) 16h11m (ELAIS-N1)
DSS images (20'x20') 00h13m (WySH 1) 10h45m (Lockman Hole) 16h11m (ELAIS-N1) 
airmass charts: 00h13m (WySH 1) 10h45m and 16h11m (Lockman Hole and ELAIS-N1)
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