Research Projects and Grants

 Title:         Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Ternary Oxide Nanowires

 PIs:            W. Wang (PD), J. Tang, M. Balaz, T. Chien, Y. Dahnovsky, J. Pikal

 Agency:    DOE

 Period:      October 2010 through September 2016


 Title:         Acquisition of a Thin Film and Powder X-Ray Diffractometer for Energy Research at the University of Wyoming

 PIs:            J. Tang, M. Fan, B. Leonard, B.A. Parkinson, W. Wang

 Agency:    UW/SER

 Period:      May 2012 through May 2013


 Title:         MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) at the University of Wyoming

 PIs:            B.A. Parkinson (PD), C.M. Eggleston, J. Tang, S. M. Swapp

 Agency:    NSF (CHE-0960307)

 Period:      May 2010 through April 2013


 Title:           New High Efficiency Thermoelectric Materials for Thermal Energy Harvesting

 PIs:              G.-L Zhao, J. Tang and S.M. Guo

 Agency:      NSF (CBET-0754821)

 Period:        August 2008 through July 2013


 Title:           Realization of Half-Metallicity in Magnetite

 PI:               J. Tang

 Agency:      NSF (DMR-0852862)

 Period:        November 2008 through November 2010


 Title:           Graduate Assistantship for research and course development in thermal & electrical transport in energy materials

 PI:               J. Tang

 Agency:      UW/SER

 Period:        September 2009 through August 2011