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Need a little Recreation?

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Well, if you're in the Twin Cities and looking for some entertainment, especially on a Sunday night, look no further than St. Paul's own Dubliner Pub. At the Dub you'll find Irish music at it's best six nights a week, with a good atmosphere and a lively band, can you think of anywhere better for a bit of craic?

Well, if it's a game day, or you're just feeling like a sports bar, how about the tried and true Stub and Herbs, where the beer is warm, and the waitresses are cold. Located on the University of Minnesota campus, this place certainly does give the Dubliner a run for it's money.

And then if you're outside of the Twin Cities, in what some would call the better part of the state, you might want to try Gordy's Hi-hat in Cloquet for some of the best burgers found anywhere.

Not up north? Well then maybe a stop in at the Elba House will satisfy your hunger. And as long as you're down near the town of Elba, feel free to climb the fire tower, hike in Whitewater State Park, or even take a drive through Quincy township and say hi to my relatives.