Astro 1050     Wed. Oct. 9, 2002

Inverse-square law for light:

Correcting Magnitudes for Distance

Let’s work some examples:

Let’s work some examples:

How to recognize patterns in data

Stars:  Patterns of L, T, R

How are L, T, and R related?

L, T, R, and the H-R diagram

Lines of constant R in the H-R diagram

Slide 11

Different “types” of H-R diagrams

Luminosity Classes

Spectra of Different Luminosity Classes

Spectroscopic “Parallax”

What fundamental property of a star
varies along the main sequence?

Masses of Binary stars

Masses of Binary stars

Masses of Binary stars

Measuring a and P of binaries

Masses and the HR Diagram

The Mass-Luminosity Relationship

Eclipsing Binary Stars