Astro 1050     Wed. Oct. 23, 2002

Expected Evolution of the HR Diagram for a Cluster

Tests of Stellar Evolution using the HR Diagram

Complications in Stellar Evolution

Pauli Exclusion Principle

Effect of Degenerate Electron Pressure

Degenerate Pressure Can End Fusion

Effects of Convection

Mass Loss from Giant Stars

White Dwarfs

Simple Planetary Nebula

Complicated P-N in a Binary System

A Gallery of P-N from Hubble

Complications in Binary Systems

Is a star stable against catastrophic collapse?

Chandrasekhar Limit for White Dwarfs

Implications for Stars


Supernova in Another Galaxy

Tycho’s Supernova of 1572

The Crab Nebula – Supernova from 1050 AD

What happens to the collapsing core?

Spinning pulsar powers the
 Crab nebula

Review Chapters 7-10

Review Chapters 7-10

Review Chapters 7-10

Review Chapters 7-10