Lectures online for ASTR 1050, Fall 2010, Brotherton Instructor

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I will be posting test scores as soon as possible and final grades by Sunday. If you go to the last Planetarium show of the year, put your ticket stub with your name on it under my office door (Physical Sciences 217) ASAP -- by Saturday morning to be certain of credit. Thanks for a fun semester!

ATTENTION: Preliminary grades are now posted on masteringastronomy.com. They do not include the last test, homework, extra credit homework, or make-up lab. To improve your grade, make-up missing labs, do the extra credit, and beat your test average. There is a practice test available on masteringastronomy.com already. The last test covers Chapters 14-23 (excluding 21), with only very basic information from the last two chapters. There will be a review session Wednesday evening, 7pm, in the astronomy lab. See you there.

Some information concerning the last test. It will cover chapters 14 through 23, NOT INCLUDING chapter 21. There will be a final homework due over chapters 22 and 23 that will be extra credit due the last day of class. The will be a regular homework due Wednesday Dec. 1 on chapters 18-20, and a review session Wednesday evening. There will only be a few simple test questions from the last two chapters, and the information needed to answer them will be covered in class.

Extra credit opportunity! Due in class on Friday, Nov. 5th (I do prefer hardcopy to email, thanks). Read one of the following stories from Diamonds in the Sky: The Listening-Glass (Alexis Glynn Latner), Jaiden’s Weaver (Mary Robinette Kowal), or Squish (Dan Hoyt). Write a summary of the story and briefly discuss the relevent science in the story noting what is right. Say how you liked it.

Exam grades (with a 2 point bonus) are available on masteringastronomy.com. Here is the answer key.

ATTENTION: Regarding the exam on Monday, Oct. 25. There is a practice exam available on masteringastronomy.com. There will be a review session Sunday evening in the astronomy lab room at 7pm. Note the HW due Friday and the extra credit HW due Monday.

ATTENTION, Extra credit Opportunity. Go to a Friday night (7pm) Planetarium show this semester and give me the ticket stub with your name on it.

ATTENTION: Extra credit opportunity. Due Sep. 24th, Friday, in class. Go to Diamonds in the Sky and read one of the following three stories: Galactic Stress (David Levine), The Moon is a Harsh Pig (Jerry Weinberg), or In the Autumn of Empire (Jerry Oltion). Write a summary of the story and briefly discuss the relevent science in the story noting what is right. Say how you liked it.

ATTENTION: The test over chapters 1-3 is on Monday Sep. 20. Here is a practice test that should be similar to the real exam (feel free to use the appendices in the textbook with the practice exam, which I will copy and add to the official exam on Monday). Answer Key. There will be a review session in the astronomy lab on Sunday evening at 7pm. The exam one answer key.

Some supplemental items/links.

Attention: Cheyenne Wortham (cwortham@uwyo.edu), your supplemental peer instructor, has established a meeting time/place for those who want more help and disucssion: Supplemental Instruction will be Tuesdays at 6:30 in Physical Science building room 132.

Mastering Astronomy for homeworks, grades, etc.

ATTENTION: The bookstore should have the access codes now, so if you bought your textbook there, you can take your receipt back to get them to get into the Mastering Astronomy software. The first homework on Chapter 1 deadline is extended to Friday at noon, and it will be EXTRA CREDIT. Take the time to do this and get on top of the learning curve before the grading counts for real.

Online Version of Course Syllabus (html). Here is a doc file version.

Astronomy Picture of the Day is a great webpage to visit every day.