Lectures online for ASTR 1050, Spring 2004, Brotherton Instructor

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Online Version of Course Syllabus (html).

A classmate pointed out this multimedia website giving an interesting view of the solar system.

Another classmate pointed out this website giving an interesting view of the solar system.

Here is a link to the popular children's book, Zombie Butts from Uranus.

And another link to a book of interest, The Big Splat, or How our Moon Came to Be.

GREAT Cosmology wepbage, with a tutorial and a FAQ list. Highly recommended.

Exam #3 formula sheet.

Another astronomy class website where you can listen to Eric Idle's "Galaxy Song" and read the lyrics. I met Eric Idle once at an observatory -- he really does like astronomy!

The Castles Gravitational Lensing Webpage.

Hubble Space Telescope Tribute movie.

Sedna Webpage.

Formula/Constant Sheet for Exam 2.

JPG Version of Hubble Ultra Deep Field.

Answer Key to exam 1.

Answer Key to exam 2.

Answer Key to exam 3.

Stellar Evolution on the HR Diagram on your PC. Check it out!

Astronomy Picture of the Day is a great webpage to visit every day.

One of your classmates pointed out this nice website demonstrating phases of the moon.

This is good how to study physics guide. While this is a non-majors astronomy class, the part of the class that many struggle with is the part solving astrophysics-type problems. We won't have a lot of this, but we will have some (none as complex or difficult as the calculus-based examples in the guide, so don't get hung up on them!). Also, students who have not taken college-level science classes sometimes complain that they don't know how to study for this class. This guide has some good suggestions for how to approach such a class. I hope you find it useful.