Online Materials needed for ASTR 4610, homework 4

You may find it useful to visit which documents iraf and has general iraf tutorials. You will need to use several IRAF tasks in the onedspec package, particularly SBANDS as in HW#2, SPLOT for measuring redshifts, DEREDDEN for dereddening spectra, and DOPCOR for correcting for redshift. (LISTPIX with coordinates set to "world" can be used to making data files to plot with sm. Remember, IRAF has help files! Below are spectra of 11 bright "local" galaxies from Storchi-Bergman, Calzetti, and Kinney. You will need to visit NED which can be found at -- bookmark it!

You might find it useful to make extra plots that I have not explicitly asked for. For instance, plotting the band responses on top of plots of the various spectra may help you understand what is happening in color-color diagrams. Please turn these in as well if they help illustrate your answers.