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Hubble Vital Statistics

Hubble to Astronomers

Hubble’s Uncertain Future

The Hubble Law

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The Hubble Law using galaxies with visible Cepheid variables.

“Tuning Fork” Diagram

M51:  The Whirlpool Galaxy

Interacting Galaxies: The Antennae

Interacting Galaxies: Cartwheel

Interacting Galaxies: Cartwheel

Active Galactic Nuclei:  AGNs

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Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy from Space Shows BH Signatures

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The Hubble Deep Field

The Hubble Deep Field

Eagle Nebula

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula

Protostellar Disks

Simple Planetary Nebula

Complicated P-N in a Binary System

A Gallery of P-N from Hubble

Crab Nebula Movie

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V838 Light Echo: The Movie

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