Physics 1210/1310, Spring 2014, Brotherton Instructor

Physics I: Mechanics and Mechanical Waves

This is a calculus-based, introductory physics class designed for science and engineering majors.

Lecture Slides and other materials and links:

Chapter 1 Slides

Chapter 2 Slides

Moving Man Simulation at PHET.

Chapter 3 Slides

Projectile Motion

Chapter 4 Slides

Forces and Motion: Basics

Forces and Motion

Newton's Laws in the News.

Chapter 5 Slides

A Clean Solution for Problem 5.73

Pratice exam 1 over Chapters 1-5. Note that there could also be problems based on lab activities, so study those as well. UPDATE: Problem 6 was revised since the original set up had unintended consequences. Brief solutions: 1. a) t=27.6s; b) t=235s; c) t=470sec (approx.) with d(A)=3760m, d(B)=3055m, d(C)=2256m. 2. a) draw a parabola, straight line with negative slope, constant less than zero 3. b) 16m/s at an angle about 58 degrees from the vertical. 4. a) 6.1m at an angle of -23 degrees, b) x component is always -1.2 m/s^2, while y component is 2.4 and 4.8 m/s^2, for t=2s and t=4s respectively. 5. a) mass = 1.6kg, b) 16N. 6. a) a=23m/s^2 (big!), b) the tensions are 200N, 150N, and 50N, c) the acceleration stops and boxes slow down and stop from friction. Hope I didn't make any mistakes! Let me know if I need to discuss any problems in class!

Exam 1 Worked Solutions. The average was 67.5. I will add 2.5 points to the score to curve the average to 70 when I compute final grades.

Chapter 6 Slides

Chapter 7 Slides

Chapter 8 Slides

Extra worked Chapter 8 Problems.

As suggested by one of your classmates, The Kerbal Space Program. I'm going to have to make some time to play around with it.

Chapter 9 Slides

Extra worked Chapter 9 Problems

Chapter 10 Slides

Wiki page with nice video of rolling racers.

I think practice exam 2 (chapters 6-10) may be a little easier than the real one, but it should give you an idea of what to expect. We will go thought it in class Wednesday. Solutions.

Exam 2 Solutions

Chapter 13 Slides: Gravity!

Extra Black Hole SlidesEven more Gravity!

Chapter 14 Slides: Periodic Motion

Chapter 15 Slides: Waves

Chapter 16 Slides: Waves

Problem 16.71

Practice Final.

Practice Final Solutions.


Homework will all be done using the Mastering Physics system. To register, follow the directions in the syllabus. The normal deadline will be Tuesday evenings at 11pm. Note that there was a typo in the course number to use. Use MSB14Phys1210 instead of MSB12Phys1210. Sorry for any confusion!

Links/items you might find of use (will be regularly updated):

The course syllabus in html and pdf. The class schedule.

Lab materials:

  • Lab Introduction & Safety

    Math Review Materials:

  • Math Self Test 1
  • SAT review math
  • calculus overview, includes vectors and partial derivatives

    Old Videos:

    Smallville's Superman vs. Flash race: