Physics 1210/1310, Spring 2015, Brotherton Instructor

Physics I: Mechanics and Mechanical Waves

This is a calculus-based, introductory physics class designed for science and engineering majors.

Featured Video: Watch This Space

Lecture Slides and other materials and links:

Chapter 1 Slides

Chapter 2 Slides

Chapter 3 Slides Revisions Needed

Chapter 4 Slides

Chapter 5 Slides

Chapter 6 Slides

Chapter 7 Slides

Chapter 8 Slides

Chapter 9 Slides Revisions Needed

Chapter 10 Slides

Chapter 12 Slides: TBD

Chapter 13 Slides: Gravity!

Extra Black Hole Slides Even more Gravity!

Chapter 14 Slides: Periodic Motion

Chapter 15 Slides: Waves

Chapter 16 Slides: More Waves!


Homework will all be done using the Mastering Physics system. To register, follow the directions in the syllabus. The normal deadline will be Wednesday evenings at 11:59pm.

Links/items you might find of use (will be regularly updated):

The course syllabus in html and pdf. The class schedule.

Lab materials:

  • Lab Introduction & Safety

    Math Review Materials:

  • Math Self Test 1
  • SAT review math
  • calculus overview, includes vectors and partial derivatives