Physics 1210/1310, Spring 2015, Brotherton Instructor

Physics I: Mechanics and Mechanical Waves

This is a calculus-based, introductory physics class designed for science and engineering majors.

From Andria: The review session will be Monday 1-3pm in Classroom 215. As stated in the syllabus, the exam will be cumulative, with approximately 3-4 questions on material from Exams 1 and 2, and 3-4 questions from the more recent chapters. I plan the review to start with around a half hour of summarizing the key ideas and approaches to problems from the semester, and for the remaining time will be an open Q&A session. Bring ideas that you're struggling with (e.g., "I don't get when to use which version of potential energy due to gravity, could you explain that?") or specific problems that you want to see solved (e.g., "I tried Problem 5.39 and I'm not sure where to start it").

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Lecture Slides and other materials and links:

Chapter 1 Slides

Chapter 2 Slides

Chapter 3 Slides

Chapter 4 Slides

Chapter 5 Slides

xkcd on the four fundamental forces.

Complete solution for problem 5.73.

PRACTICE EXAM 1. And the solutions.

Exam 1 and solutions.

Chapter 6 Slides

Chapter 7 Slides

Globe Problem.

Chapter 8 Slides

Chapter 9 Slides

Here is the second practice exam for chapters 6-9, and the solutions.

Exam 2 solutions.

Chapter 10 Slides

Chapter 12 Slides:: Fluid Mechanics. Now, what do you think of Captain Neutron? Or the Vision flying?

Chapter 13 Slides: Gravity!

Extra Black Hole Slides: Even more Gravity!

Chapter 14 Slides: Periodic Motion

Condensed Chapter 15 and 16 Slides: Waves and Sound

Practice final exam 3. Solutions. Note that the final answer of 42,700 km for the JLA satellite is correct, but the previous answer in meters should be x10^7, not x10^6.


Homework will all be done using the Mastering Physics system. The normal deadline will be Wednesday evenings at 11:59pm. For help getting registered please see this webpage.

Links/items you might find of use (will be regularly updated):

Exams will be in CR 310.

Thinking about a physics major?

Tutoring/help: Physics at night has been replaced. Now there is STEP Tutoring (Coe Library), Sun-Thurs 6:00-10:00pm, and Tau Beta Pi (EN 1070): many day and evening hours, see

The course syllabus in doc and pdf.

Lab materials:

  • Lab Introduction & Safety

    Math Review Materials:

  • Math Self Test 1
  • SAT review math
  • calculus overview, includes vectors and partial derivatives

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    Let's pretend Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn't happen... (