Physics 1210/1310, Spring 2017, Brotherton Instructor

Physics I: Mechanics and Mechanical Waves

This is a calculus-based, introductory physics class designed for science and engineering majors. The course syllabus in docx and pdf formats.

NOTE: The Exams are in the regular classroom in the Enzi Building. Please bring paper, pen/pencils, and a calculator.

Featured Videos:

Lab Safety Documents:

Lab Safety Checklist (pfd)

Lab Safety Contract (pdf)

Note that Lab Manuals are supposed to arrive by Thursday, Feb. 9. You will have handouts for this week.

Lecture Slides, practice exams, and other materials and links:

Chapter 1 Slides About that train crash.

Chapter 2 Slides Wiki on the Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment.

Chapter 3 Slides

Chapter 4 Slides

Chapter 5 Slides

PRACTICE EXAM 1. And the solutions.

Exam 1 solutions to check your answers.

Chapter 6 Slides

Chapter 7 Slides

Chapter 8 Slides

Practice exam 2 (chapters 6-8) and the solutions.

Exam 2 with solutions (chapters 6-8).

Chapter 9 Slides

Chapter 10 Slides

Chapter 12 Slides:: Fluid Mechanics. Now, what do you think of Captain Neutron? Or the Vision flying?

Chapter 13 Slides: Gravity!

Extra Black Hole Slides: Even more Gravity!

Chapter 14 Slides: Periodic Motion

Practice Final (pdf). Updated the angle to 30 degrees in problem 2. Note that this practice final does not feature a chapter 14 problem, which could appear on the real final. The final will be comprehensive but not every chapter may be represented on the exam. Study appropriately, keeping in mind the final will be graded as best 5 of 7 problems, and as I've advertised in class, there will be a gravity problem.

Practice Final solutions (pdf). Note that the answer to question 7 is correct in terms of kilometers, but in terms of meters the exponent on the power of ten should be 7, not 8. Sorry for any confusion.

Some review concepts: motion in 1-3d, constant acceleration, non-constant acceleration, projectile motion, relative velocities, Newton's Laws, static situations, friction (static and kinetic), work, power, kinetic energy, potential energy (gravitational and elastic), work-energy theorem, linear momentum, collisions, impulse-momentum theorem, center of mass motion, uniform circular motion, centripetal and tangential acceleration, rotational analogs of Newton's laws, energy, momentum, etc., (e.g., torque, angular velocity, acceleration, etc.), moment of inertia, buoyancy, fluid continuity equation, Bernoulli's principle, periodic motion (springs, pendulums), Newton's law of gravitation, general gravitational potential energy, escape velocity, circular orbits, black holes, surface gravity.


Homework will all be done using the Mastering Physics system. The normal deadline will be Wednesday evenings at 11:59pm. For help getting registered please see this webpage.

Links/items you might find of use (will be regularly updated):

Thinking about a physics major?

There are various lectures online that you can find. If you want to check one set out, here they are. Here's another. If you find some you think are better than these, let me know.

Lab materials:

  • Lab Introduction & Safety (Old, needs to be updated.)

    Math Review Materials:

  • Math Self Test 1
  • SAT review math
  • calculus overview, includes vectors and partial derivatives

    Old Videos