Fall 2008, Mike Brotherton Instructor

Topics in Extragalactic Astronomy

Links/items you might find of use (will be regularly updated):

Some course Lecture Slides on AGN. These need Internet Explorer. The powerpoint file is also available.

HOMEWORK FOR THURSDAY 30 OCTOBER 2008: The goal here is to express your understanding clearly and briefly in English as if writing a paper or a proposal to a broad but astronomically educated audience.

The popular talk on dark matter in powerpoint format. The powerpoint slides on galaxy clusters and large scale structure..

NASA's Astrophysical Data System, or ADS, is very useful, primarily as a way to look up papers online. Suggested exercise: look up the papers by the astronomers in the department.

Astronomy Picture of the Day is a great webpage to visit every day.

So is the astro-ph preprint server.