Under Construction:
Term Project: Building a functioning cryostat from scratch
  • Aaron consumed by the awesome power of welding
  • Rabindra ready to weld
  • Aaron Welding
  • Our YBCO
  • Teneil ready to weld some
  • Practicing Administrator Moves
  • YBCO float, photo ybcofloat.jpg
    And some videos:
  • Jordan cutting
  • Teneil and Jordan polishing
  • Bart teaching Shane how to use the mill
  • Bart teaching Aaron and Rabindra how to use the mill
  • Discussing construction plans
  • Planning the welding
  • Rabindra, welding god
  • Bart teaching Josh and Teneil welding principles
  • Josh & welding
  • Laszlo doing the final welding moves for Teneil
  • It is superconducting!
  • YBCO Float