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Zhaohui Shang
I am a postdoc at the University of Wyoming in the department of Physics and Astronomy.

My research interests include multiwavelength observational studies of quasars, AGNs, and black holes.  I am also interested in studies of normal galaxies and other mysterious things ...
Curriculum Vitae
BSc., 1988, Nanjing University
MSc., 1991, Nanjing University
MA., 1998, University of Texas
PhD., 2003, University of Texas

Publications  (ADS)


Selected Publications
AGN SEDs (2005)
SPCA,  Shang et al. 2003
SPCA (2003)
NGC5907 ring
NGC5907 ring (1998)
Wyoming AGN group
UW AGN group

Last update: Feb. 12, 2004
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