"Mahabiswe Mahakashe Mahakalo Majhe
Ami Manabo Akaki Bhromi Bismoye"

In the midst of this all pervasive Universe,
and the eternity of space and time, I am amazed and thrilled when
I feel my existence in this vast reality.
Rabindranath Tagore

Large scale structure in the universe: Dark matter (blue) and black holes (red) at z = 1.0
Simulation data taken from DiMatteo et al. 2008

Time evolution of merging galaxy clusters in cosmological hydrodynamic simulation: simulation courtesy: Douglas Rudd, Pearson Miller provided help with the visualization code.

Hi, I am Suchetana Chatterjee. I am a post-doctoral associate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Wyoming. Before that I was a postdoc in the Department of Astronomy at Yale University. I got my PhD from University of Pittsburgh. Before coming to Pittsburgh, I was at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, where I did my M.Sc in Physics. My bachelors degree is from Presidency college (now Presidency University) Calcutta, which was affiliated to Calcutta University. My research interests cover several topics ranging from anisotropies in the microwave background to detailed astrophysics in galaxy evolution. Please see my research page for more information. As an academician I am very excited about physics teaching and physics education research. I am also interested about public outreach of science, especially in India where scopes are limited. Apart from physics I love music, cinema, and reading. I enjoy cooking but only when I cook for others (good news for you!).