Three Papers In Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

These documents have been converted from TeX to HTML via the program TTH, which converts the mathematics directly without the use of gif images. Consequently, aside from a few glitches in the conversion process itself, some oddities also occur owing to shortcomings in both HTML and specific browsers. For example, multiline equations are numbered on the left, and in-line equations containing superposed symbols such as a dot for derivative appear in semi-display form. If the mathematics is garbled try the alternate links; if that fails, try another browser. 

Time Evolution In Macroscopic Systems. I: Equations of Motion
Found.Phys. 34, 1 (2004)
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Time Evolution In Macroscopic Systems. II: The Entropy
Found.Phys. 34, 21 (2004)
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Time Evolution In Macroscopic Systems. III: Selected Applications
Found.Phys. 34, 771 (2004)>
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