These pictures are from our second day at Rocky Mountain National Park.

After an exhausting first day at the Rockies, Ben and I decided to spend the second day hiking a more level trail. We decided on a trail that eventually took us to a place called Sky Pond. This trail took us through the forest alongside a small river. Along the way we saw a couple of elks, lots of marmets, and other unmentionable creatures. This picture was taken through one of the breaks in the woods. If you look closely at about the center of the image you can see a distant waterfall. That's where these pictures will take you...

Sorry, still working on that rotation code. This was part of the "river" we hiked along.
Ahh, nice and level trails. Up ahead is where we saw some elk. Still waiting for Ben to mail those shots to me...
Getting closer, although it was funny how through the clear air this didn't seem so far away. I think we hiked another mile or so before finally reaching the falls.
One of the many lakes along the way. Standing on the shore you could see trout swimming below.
Next to the falls was snow. I think Ben is trying to figure out whose name is that in the snow... Of course, we both decided to test the temperature of the water and quickly discovered that waterfalls in the mountain are extremely cold.
Climbing up to the top of the falls (sorry I had a great picture from up there but can't find it) was some lake, called umm... something lake.
Past that lake was Sky Pond, a glacier fed pond. This was the end of our trail and definitly a great place to end our vacation on. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from here, and if you come to visit me (and it's not too cold then I would love to take you here!