These are pictures that I (or Ben) on our first trip to the Snowy Mountain Range

On the first trip Ben and I arrived late in the afternoon and set up camp with only an hour or so left of daylight. We were camping in a valley and the Sun had already dipped below the mountains in the West. Behind us we could see sunlight slowly climbing up another mountain. So naturally we decided to race up the mountain and "beat" the sunset to the top. We did and discovered that it was cold and very windy at top. The first picture shows us right before dark shivering in the wind.

The next day was sunny and warm. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

North Gap lake with the two shelf lakes in the background. For scale you can see the foot-trail between the lakes.
Shh..... Wild creatures could sometimes be spotted by the lakes.
North Gap lake again, this time from a higher perspective.
Really, North Gap is not the only lake here, but umm.... here it is again.
More wild creatures were spotted next to one of the Shelf Lakes. It was a scary moment...
Okay, one last look at North Gap and the Shelf Lakes