These are pictures that Ben or I took during our second trip to The Snowy Mountain Range

For our second trip Ben and I decided to backpack to the top of tallest Mountain there, Medicine Bow Peak elevation 12,013. We started at approximately 11,000 with heavy packs and a light rain. As we climbed the rain got heavier, the air thiner, and the wind colder. After a couple of hours we found a place to camp, set up the tent and waited out the rain. Eventually, it mostly stopped and we took a few nice pictures. The next day we hiked through fog so thick that you we could only see about 50ft in any direction. It was also very, very quiet. I thought it was great! The first picture below was taken about 30 minutes from the Mountains....

Okay, so you probably already saw this picture. It is from our first trip. I put it here to show you Medicine Bow Peak. See that peak above and to the right of Ben's head? That is where we were going.
This is close to our campsite. Probably a little more than half way up the mountain. If you notice that flat mountain in the background, slightly off-center? That's where the above picture was taken.
And there we are in the same spot. Cold and wet but also very happy with the view.
Unfortunately, our view at the top was somewhat obscured by the clouds we were in. Here is a picture on the way down that captures the height of the cloud level.
More wild creatures were to be found on the way down. Not to mention a pretty sweet view of the mountain lakes.