Department of Physics and Astronomy


University of Wyoming Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

Tuesdays -- 4:10 PM -- Classroom Building Room 201

Pre-Colloquium tea served at 3:45 in southeast corner reception area

Tentative Fall 2002 Schedule

September 10 J. Allyn Smith (University of Wyoming)
September 17 Ted Snow (University of Colorado)
What's New on the Old Problem of the Diffuse Interstellar Bands (Abstract)
September 24 Stephen Lundeen (Colorado State University)
Electrons in circular orbits: Exploring a new world of atomic structure (Abstract)
October 1 Nick Gnedin (University of Colorado)
Reionization of the Universe (Abstract)
October 15 Leisa Townsley (Penn State)
X-rays from High-mass Star-forming Regions(Abstract)
October 22 Antonio Bianchini (Universita di Padova)
Cataclysmic Variables and Disk Instability Phenomena

October 23 Jian Ge (Penn State)
All-Sky Survey for Extra-solar Planets with New Instrument Technologies (Abstract)
October 29 Webster Cash (University of Colorado)
The Future of X-ray Astronomy: Constellation-X, Maxim, and the Study of AGNs
November 5 Nahum Arav (University of Colorado)
Exciting Times for Studying AGN Outflows(Abstract)
November 12 Edward R. Kinney (University of Colorado)
Putting the Proton under a Femtometer Microscope (Abstract)
November 19 Jason Glenn (University of Colorado)
Probing Galaxy Formation at High Redshift: Millimeter-Wave Surveys for Galaxies with Bolocam and Z-Spec (Abstract)
November 26 Michael Allison (NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
Ocean Notions for Jupiter's Cloud Motions (Abstract)
December 6 (Room 234) J.D. Smith (University of Arizona)
Hot Stars in the Infrared: An Unlikely Romance(Abstract)

Contact for program information: Daniel Dale (ddale @

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