Physics 1210/1310, Fall 2017, Brotherton Instructor

Physics I: Mechanics and Mechanical Waves

Our next exam will be held Thursday October 26, 5:10-7:00pm in CR 133 (not the regular classroom!).

This is a calculus-based, introductory physics class designed for science and engineering majors. The course syllabus in docx format.

Featured Videos:

Lecture Slides, practice exams, and other materials and links:

Chapter 1 Slides About that train crash.

Chapter 2 Slides Wiki on the Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment.

Chapter 3 Slides

Chapter 4 Slides

Practice Exam 1 (chapters 1-4). Solutions.

Exam 1 solutions. Probably a few more significant figures than ideal on a few problems.

Chapter 5 Slides Extra worked problem 5.79 in your text, originally 5.73 in previous edition.

Chapter 6 Slides

Chapter 7 Slides

Chapter 8 Slides

Practice exam 2 with solutions. Chapters 5-8.

Exam 2 solutions.

Chapter 9 Slides

Chapter 10 Slides

Chapter 12 Slides:: Fluid Mechanics. Now, what do you think of Captain Neutron? Or the Vision flying?

Chapter 13 Slides: Gravity!

Extra Black Hole Slides: Even more Gravity! And they can even power quasars!

Chapter 14 Slides: Periodic Motion

Practice Final and solutions. Note that you'll get the usual formula sheets. The biggest difference here is that there are 7 problems instead of 6, but we will still take your score based on your top 5 problems. Note that this was a real exam from Fall 15.

Lab Materials


Homework will all be done using the Mastering Physics system. The normal deadline will be Wednesday evenings at 11:59pm. For help getting registered please see this webpage. The course is BROTHERTONFALL17 on the website (sign up with 14e) (, zip code is 82071. This will be used for homeworks and grades, too.

Note that there are option tutorials available for each chapter. They are worth a small amount of extra credit to do. They're mainly there just in case you want access to them and are willing to spend the time. Most are pretty good and worthwhile if you need more time studying concepts.

Links/items you might find of use (will be regularly updated):

Thinking about a physics major?

There are various lectures online that you can find. If you want to check one set out, here they are. Here's another. If you find some you think are better than these, let me know.

Math Review Materials:

  • Math Self Test 1
  • SAT review math
  • calculus overview, includes vectors and partial derivatives

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