I'm originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, but I lived in Madison, Wisconsin for four years while doing my undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin. I loved Madison, but was fortunate to find my next home in the small town of Laramie, WY, nestled in the Medicine Bow Mountains. I've taken up quite a few outdoor activities since moving here. So if I'm not working you'll usually find me hiking, backpacking, skiing, or camping. I love being outside.

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    My other main interest is music. I'm passionate about live music, and I get out to as many shows (usually down in Colorado...) as I can. I've played guitar since I was 8, and I also dabble in the bass, banjo, and various hand drums (particlarly the djembe). I mostly play/write blues, folk, and bluegrass, but I also play around with electronic music when I have the time. If you're ever in Laramie and want to jam, definitely get in touch! There's a link to my soundcloud page below, but it leans heavily toward my electronic music. I haven't yet uploaded all of my other recordings there. You'll often find me playing at open mic night at Coal Creek Coffee downtown on the first Wednesday of every month.

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    I'm interested in photography, and a selection of some of my work can be seen here.

    I also enjoy writing, mostly poetry that I'm attempting to turn into lyrics for the music I write, or just rambling to myself in my journals. I'm working on a book of poems with Shannon Hall (she's a science writer) — maybe you'll see it on a bookstore shelf someday.