Fall 2015

Time Place Speaker Title Guidance Paper
09/04/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 237 Prof. TeYu Chien Get it started NA
09/11/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 237 Dr. Qilin Dai Boosting Power Conversion Efficiencies of Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells Beyond 8% by Recombination Control J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, 5602 (2015)
09/18/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Prof. Bill Rice Revealing Giant Internal Magnetic Fields due to Spin Fluctuations in Magnetically-Doped Colloidal Nanocrystals NA
09/25/2015 (Fri) at 4:10 pm PS 234 Prof. Guang-Lin Zhao (Southern University, Baton Rouge) The Puzzle of Anolamous Isotope Effect in High and Low Tc Superconductors NA
10/02/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Dr. Keshab Sapkota Single-nanowire solar cells beyond the ShockleyˇVQueisser limit Nature Photon. 7, 306 (2013)
10/09/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Robert Nielsen Self-Limiting Lithiation in Silicon Nanowires ACS Nano 7, 1495 (2013)
10/16/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Uma Poudyal Comparison of Bandgap of CdS Deposited by SILAR and CBD Methods J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 1611 (2013)
10/23/2015 (Fri) at 4:10 pm PS 234 Prof. Ludwig Schultz (Institute of Metallic Materials, IFW Dresden and TU Dresden) Interaction of Ferromagnetic and Superconducting Permanent Magnets - Superconducting Levitation NA
10/30/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Xin Tian The Benefits of Co-Solvents in Organic Solar Cell Processing on Modifying the Morphology Nature Commun. 6, 6229 (2015)
11/03/2015 (Tue) at TBA TBA Prof. Beth Stadler (University of Minnesota) Magnetic Nanowires: Revolutionizing Hard Drives, RAM, and Cancer Treatment NA
11/13/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Ying-Hao Chien Quasi-Ballistic Thermal Transport from Nanoscale Interfaces Observed using Ultrafast Coherent Soft X-ray Beams Nature Mater. 9, 26 (2010)
11/20/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Uppalaiah Erugu Tailoring the topology of an artificial magnetic skyrmion Nature Communications 5, 4704 (2014)
11/27/2015 (Fri) NA NA Thanksgiving Break NA
12/04/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Soumya Manna TBA TBA
12/11/2015 (Fri) at 2:10 pm PS 234 Sabit Horoz TBA TBA

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