Dr. Hannah Jang-Condell


Refereed Journal Papers

Jang-Condell, H., 2009. "Planet Shadows in Protoplanetary Disks. II: Observable Signatures," the Astrophysical Journal, in press. (preprint: pdf and ps)

Jang-Condell, H.; Mugrauer, M. & Schmidt, T., 2008. "Disk Truncation and Planet Formation in γ Cephei," the Astrophysical Journal, 683, L191

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Jang-Condell, H., 2007. "Constraints on the Formation of the Planet in HD188753," the Astrophysical Journal, 654, 641

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Jang-Condell, H. & Sasselov, D. D., 2004. "Disk Temperature Variations and Effects on the Snow Line in the Presence of Small Protoplanets." the Astrophysical Journal, 608, 497

Jang-Condell, H. & Sasselov, D. D., 2003. "Radiative Transfer on Perturbations in Protoplanetary Disks," the Astrophysical Journal, 593, 1116

Jang-Condell, H. & Hernquist, L., 2001. "First Structure Formation: A Simulation of Small-Scale Structure at High Redshift," the Astrophysical Journal, 548, 68

Conference Proceedings

Jang-Condell, H., Kuchner, M. J., Debes, J. H., 2009. "Observing Planet Formation in Young Protoplanetary Disks," Poster #414.09. at the 213rd American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting, January 4-8, 2009, Long Beach, CA.

Jang-Condell, H., Mugrauer, M., Schmidt, T., 2007. "Constraints on Planet Formation in Close Binary Systems," Oral presentation at the 211th AAS Meeting, January 7-11, 2008, Austin, TX. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society (BAAS), 211, 8107.

Jang-Condell, H., 2007. "Observable Differences Between Core Accretion and Disk Instability," Contributed talk at Bioastronomy 2007, July 16-20, 2007, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Astrobiology, Vol. 7, No. 3: p.485. In Proceedings of the Conference.

Jang-Condell, H., 2007. "Disk Instability vs. Core Accretion: Observable Discriminants," Contributed talk at In the Spirit of Bernard Lyot: The Direct Detection of Planets and Circumstellar Disks in the 21st Century. June 4-8, 2007, Berkeley, CA. In Proceedings of the Conference, Edited by Paul Kalas.

Jang-Condell, H. & Boss, A. P., 2006. "Modeling Scattered Light Images from a Planet-Forming Disk," Oral presentation at the 2007 AAS/AAPT Joint Meeting, 209th AAS Meeting, January 6-10, 2007, Seattle, WA. BAAS, 38, 1060.

Jang-Condell, H., 2006. "Planet Shadows in Disks as Signatures of Core Formation," Contributed talk at the Astrobiology Science Conference 2006 (AbSciCon), March 26-30, 2006, Washington, DC. Astrobiology, Vol. 6, No. 1: p.157.

Jang-Condell, H., 2005. "Observable Signatures of Core Formation," Oral presentation at the 207th AAS Meeting, January 8-12, 2006, Washington, DC. BAAS, 37, 1426.

Jang-Condell, H., 2005. "Observational Signatures of Planets in Protoplanetary Disks," Poster at Protostars and Planets V, October 24-28, 2005, Waikoloa Village, HI. In Proceedings of the Conference, LPI Contribution No. 1286., p. 8576.

Jang-Condell, H., 2005. "Effects of Shadowing and Illumination on Planet Formation," Contributed talk at NASA Astrobiology Institute Biennial Meeting, April 10-14, 2005, Boulder, CO. Astrobiology, Vol. 5, No. 2: p.182

Jang-Condell, H. & Sasselov, D. D., 2003. "Radiative Transfer in the Vicinity of a Protoplanet", Dissertation talk at the 203rd AAS Meeting, January 4-8, 2004, Atlanta, GA. BAAS, 35, 1410.

Jang-Condell, H. & Sasselov, D. D., 2004. "Radiative Transfer in the Vicinity of a Protoplanet," Poster at The Search for Other Worlds, October 13-14 2003, College Park, MD. AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 713, pp.127-130.

Jang-Condell, H. & Sasselov, D., 2002. "A Model of a Passive Accretion Disk Perturbed by a Protoplanet," Poster at the 201st AAS Meeting, January 5-9, 2003, Seattle, WA. BAAS, 34, 1177.

Academic Work

PhD Thesis Harvard University, 2004. ``Shedding Some Light on Planet Formation: Temperature Perturbations Caused By Stellar Illumination Near an Embedded Protoplanet and Their Effects on Planet Formation Processes,'' with Prof. Dimitar Sasselov

Research Exam Harvard University, 2000. ``First Structure Formation: A Simulation of Small Scale Structure at High Redshift,'' with Prof. Lars Hernquist

Undergraduate Thesis Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997. (as Hannah Jang) ``Cluster Size Distribution and Entropy of an Infinite Range Random Ferromagnet,'' with Prof. Yaneer Bar-Yam (Boston University) and Prof. Michel Baranger (MIT)

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