NIIS Cryo-Mechanical Design

SolidWorks e-Drawings: Mechanical Design

The designing prosess for NIIS was mainly done in a program called SolidWorks. The Full NIIS camera design, including all mecahnical and optical pieces can be seen with the first link below. This full design had temporary lens mounts in the design, because the exact design for the lens mounts has not been decided. The next two links are the solidworks designs are our proposed lens mount designs. The “slide block” design features a support with two fixed pads and one spring loaded sliding block pad which will keep the lens in place. The “spring strip” also has two fixed supports but the third support is a flexible piece of metal which will bend to hold the lens in place, therefore acting as a spring.
These applications require the correct plugin, but just click on the link and you can download the application from there.This application allows you to see the full solidworks design by rotating, zooming in and out, as well as hiding from view various parts of the design.

  • SolidWorks Full Camera Design
  • “ slide block ” Lens Mount Design
  • “ spring strip ”Lens Mount Design

  • Cryo-Mechanical Components