ASTR 2310, Spring 2020, Brotherton Instructor

General Astronomy I: Solar System

Free Text: Intro Astro by Andrea Dobson (Whitman College)

Syllabus (pdf)

Book Chapters, Lecture Slides, and other materials and links:

Chapter 0 (pdf): Math Review

Chapter 1 (pdf): Introduction. Slides (pptx). Also for reference, calculus-bsed derivations of Kepler's three laws, vis viva equation, virial theorem.

Homework 1 (pdf).

Chapter 2 (pdf): Solar System Dynamics. Slides (pptx).

Homework 2 (pdf).

Chapter 3 (pdf): Sky Coordinates and Time. Slides (pptx).

Homework 3 (pdf).

Chapter 4 (pdf): Overview of Solar System. Slides (pptx).

Homework 4 (pdf).

Homework 5 (pdf).

Chapter 5 (pdf): Interiors of Terrestrial Planets

Chapter 6 (pdf): Planetary Surfaces: Volcanism

Chapter 7 (pdf): Planetary Surfaces: Cratering

Chapter 8 (pdf): Planetary Atmospheres

Chapter 9 (pdf): Giant Planets and Magnetospheres

Chapter 10 (pdf): Solar System Formation

Chapter 20 (pdf): Telescopes, Optics, Detectors

Chapter 21 (pdf): Table of Contents, Appendices, Index, etc.

OTHER LINKS OF INTEREST: The Nine Planets, Astronomy Picture of the Day

Video links: The Wanderers (4 Minutes).