Michael J. Pierce
Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy
University of Wyoming


Pretty Picture of a Cluster of Galaxies:

WIYN image of Abell 98:

A rich cluster of galaxies at a redshift of 0.105. The image was made from R and I images taken with the WIYN telescope when the seeing was 0.45 arcsec. Measures of the angular size of these galaxies combined with measurements of the internal velocities of their stars (using the multi-fiber spectrograph on WIYN) allows the distance of this cluster to be measured using the Fundamental Plane of elliptical galaxies.



A2310: General Astronomy (Spring 2007)

Curriculum Vitae


Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distance to the Virgo Cluster
Cepheids in the Virgo Cluster
Tully-Fisher Distances for Spiral Galaxies
Fundamental Plane of Elliptical Galaxies
The Velocity Dispersion Distribution Function of Galaxies
Characterizing Dark Energy via Ultra-High Precision Astrometry of Quasars

Astronomical Instrumentation Development

WIRO Prime-Focus CCD Camera
WIRO Long-Slit Spectrograph
WIRO Integral-Field Holographic Spectrograph
WIRO Wide-Field Infared Camera (WWF-Cam)

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