Cassandra Paul

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Physics and Astronomy

    University of Wyoming

         office: (307) 766-3162

       rm 103 B physical science building

Cassandra working the controls at Kitt Peak's 2.1 meter

       I am a graduate student at the University of Wyoming, in the department of Physics and Astronomy.  I am a part of the AGN group here.  I am currently researching Post-Starburst Quasars with Professor Mike Brotherton.  I am also  interested in astronomy and physics education, and am involved in outreach events on and around campus.

       The University of Wyoming is located in Laramie, WY.  Laramie is a great town for outdoor enthusiasts.  I can enjoy hiking, running, and snowshoeing minutes from campus.  Also, there is great rock climbing, and bouldering about 15 miles outside of town at a great place called Vedauwoo.  I am an amateur climber at best, but there is plenty for all levels at the park. There is a small ski resort in the Snowy mountain range as well.

       I am originally from New York, Long Island to be more specific.  I completed my undergraduate career at Oswego State University located in upstate NY.  I moved out here in the fall of 02 to start the graduate program.  Although this is a physics and astronomy department, the only PhDs and masters offered are in physics.  Even though my masters is in physics, my research is centered about astronomy, and so is most of the rest of my peers' in this department.  

       Outside of astronomy my main interest is running.  I keep a training page in case anyone is interested in what I'm doing in that area.  I am a part of the recently started Laramie based running club W.A.R.T., (Wyoming Adventure Running Team) as soon as they have a web page I'll be sure to put a link up.  For the past 5 years I have been a counselor at The Running School, a cross-country camp for high school students based in NY's Catskill Mountains.


B.A. Physics: Oswego State University 2002

M.S. Physics: University of Wyoming 2005


A.A.S. Winter Meeting 2005


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Cassandra (age 3) with her Dad and her birthday gift.


Background Credit: SDSS image containing a quasar