NIIS Electronics


Labview is a programming software, which is used to control the filter wheel motor and temperature readout from the instrument. Labview is also used in conjuction with the Sena HelloDevice Pro Series.

Parity Windows Machine Device Port Band Data Bits Stop Bits Flow
odd 10 RS232 Lakeshore 7001 19200 7 1 none
none 11 RS232 Shaeritz 7002 9600 8 1 none
none 12 RS232 Galil 7003 19200 8 1 none
none 13 RS485 Micro ion plus 7004 19200 8 1 none

YA = 200 step/revolution
YB = 16 microstep/step

The images below show an early version of the labview front end. This software allows for user input of the filterwheel position, temperature set-point, as well as displays the status of the instrument's temperature sensors and pressure. It also utilizes charts to illustrate the temperature and pressure change over time.

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