NIIS Electronics

Software Specifics

Telescope Control

The telescope is controlled through the Telescope User Interface. This is the standard system for controlling the telescope at the Apache Point 3.5-meter telescope. It allows access to the telescope control computer and to the telescope status information including target object names and position of target objects among others. A python script is being written to integrate the telescope status information into the image header files.

Instrument Control and Monitoring

The instrument control and monitoring will be done through the labview software. This software lets the telescope operator change the filter position, change the instrument temperature set-point, and monitor the instrument temperature and pressure status. This software is also being written to integrate the instrument status information into the image header files.

Data Acquisition Software

The data acquisition software, Voodoo, controls the detector and the detector readout. This software has the ability to read in information from external files and include the information in the image header files. This software will integrate the instrument and telescope status into the header of the image files.