Mike Brotherton

I am full professor at the University of Wyoming
in the department of Physics & Astronomy.

Research Interests

Multi-wavelength observations of quasars and active galaxies, and issues of quasar/galaxy mutual evolution. I lead the AGN group here at Wyoming.
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Course Links

Current: Astronomy 2310, General Astronomy I, Spring 2020

Astronomy 5460, Cosmology, Fall 2019

Astronomy 2320 Spring 2019

Physics 1210, Fall 2017

Astronomy 5460, Fall 2017

Physics 1210, Spring 2017

Physics 1210, Fall 2015

Astronomy 5460, Fall 2015

Physics 1210, Spring 2015

Astronomy 1050, Fall 2014

Physics 1210, Spring 2014

Astronomy 5460, Fall 2013

Astr 1050, Fall 2012

Astr 1050, Spring 2011

Astr 1050, Fall 2010

Astr 2310, Spring 2012

Science and Science Fiction, Spring 2008

Science and Science Fiction, Spring 2007

Astronomy 4610, Fall 2003

Astronomy 5460, Fall 2007

Astronomy 5460, Fall 2009

Astronomy 5460, Fall 2011

2018 MAHA Talk

2012 Reverberation Mapping (REU+)

Extragalactic Astronomy Topics Taught in Brazil

Press Releases and Public Presentations

Reverberation Mapping of AGN

The Post-Starburst Quasar (1999)

NASA Funds Wyoming Quasar Team (2005)

A presentation on space-based astronomy (best viewed with Internet Explorer) from a talk I gave at the 2004 MileHiCon science fiction convention.
Here is the accompanying press release. Essentially all the images and movies in the presentation come from NASA press materials; many are quite awesome.

A presentation (best viewed with Internet Explorer) featuring highlights from the Hubble Space Telescope (2004).

My Fiction Writing Career

Personal Science Fiction Webpage and Blog


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