Content Sheets

For each content area that we have discussed in LASSI, there is a sheet below that lists high, middle, and lower difficulty outcomes, and with connections to both NGSS and Common Core.

July 28 - Aug 1

Monday July 28

  1. Sidewalk Solar System Diameter/Orbit (.doc, .pdf)
  2. Distances and Parallax (.docx, .pdf)
  3. Common Core (video link)
  4. Math Manipulatives (C-Rods directions .doc, .pdf, P-Block directions .doc, .pdf, Representing Decimals .doc, .pdf)
  5. Build an Alidade/Sextant (part of Mountains on Mars lesson)
  6. Guest: Dr. Mike Borowczak (Lessons Website)

Tuesday July 29

  1. Guest: Dr. Chip Kobulnicky, Hipparcos Survey and Catalog (.doc, .pdf, Java applet, instructions to allow a Java exception in your Settings or Control Panel)
  2. Guest: Dr. Danny Dale, Astronomy Research talk (.pdf)
  3. The Crawl of the Crab (credit: NASA; Educator Guide .pdf, Background Handout .pdf, Background Presentation .ppt, Student .pdf)
  4. Orange Peel Surface Area (.pdf)

Wednesday July 30

  1. Cosmology: Billion Light Year Yardstick (.pdf)
  2. EM Spectrum Physics (.docx, .pdf)
  3. EM Spectrum Matching Game (.docx, .pdf)
  4. Intro to Optics (credit: APS; Student and Teacher Guides .pdf, Eye/Telescope .pdf)
  5. Inverse Square Law & Graphing Connections
  6. Math and Astronomy (NASA Solar Systems .pdf, Ellipses .doc, .pdf, Climbing to the Top .doc, .pdf, Graph Misconceptions .doc, .pdf)

Thursday July 31

  1. Size Scale Ranking Task (lesson .docx, .pdf, images .pdf, answers .docx, .pdf, Powers of 10 video)
  2. Mountains on Mars (via University of Cincinnati)
  3. AAAS Assessments (Make Your Own Online Test, Sample Test link, Sample Test .pdf)
  4. Making Three-Color Images with Microobservatory (credit: Coty Tatge; .pdf)
  5. Evening: Observing with telescopes

Friday Aug 1

  1. Astro Q & A (.pdf)
  2. Searching for Exoplanets (.pdf)
  3. Problems and Misconceptions (.docx, .pdf)
  4. Space Math (credit: NASA; .pdf)
  5. Lesson Planning

Aug 4 - 7

Monday Aug 4

  1. Astro Q & A (.pdf)
  2. Big Datasets and Quasars
  3. Group Discussion on Learning Activities
  4. Lesson Planning

Tuesday Aug 5

  1. Moving Molecules - The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Heat (credit: IPAC/CalTech; .docx, .pdf)
  2. Temperature and the Rate of Chemical Reactions (credit: IPAC/CalTech; .docx, .pdf)
  3. Atomic Spectra (.pdf)
  4. RBO (Red Buttes Observatory) tour
  5. Lesson Planning

Wednesday Aug 6

  1. Guest: Dr. Victoria Gillis, Science and Math Literacy Connections (Presentation .pptx, Semantic Feature Analaysis graphical organizer .doc)
  2. Lesson Plan Collaborations
  3. Vedauwoo Hike, Biology Connections, Planetary Geology (.pdf)

Thursday Aug 7

  1. Galaxy Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Presentation .pptx, Activity .doc, .pdf, freshman version .docx, .pdf)
  2. Dark Matter Mathematics (Presentation .ppt, Info Guide .pdf, Activity .pdf)
  3. Mystery Tubes (credit: Understanding Science Lessons at Berkeley, inspired by this version)
  4. Lesson Planning

Friday Aug 8

  1. Astronomy Q & A
  2. Moon Phase Oreos (credit: Science Bob)
  3. More Fun with Forms, Post-survey
  4. Lesson Plan Presentations

Oct 24 - 25

Fri Oct 24

  1. Astronomical Cameras (.pdf)
  2. Light and Spectra (NOVA Fireworks website, The Chemistry of Fireworks video, Flame Test activity website, Atomic Spectra .pptx, Chem Matters article .pdf, Math Content .docx)

Sat Oct 25

  1. Kinesthetic Astronomy (A Private Universe video and materials, Signs .pdf, Assessment .pdf, Sky Time .pdf, Math Content .docx)
  2. Sundials (Background .docx, Content Levels .docx, Directions .pdf, How-To 1 .pdf, How-To 2 .pdf)
  3. Solar Filters and Sunspots (.pdf)

Feb 27 - 28

Fri Feb 27

  1. Zooniverse Introduction (website)
  2. Statistics (.pdf)
  3. Big Data (.pdf)

Sat Feb 28

  1. Zooniverse
  2. Lesson Planning

Mar 27 - 28

Fri Mar 27

  1. Computer Science and Engineering
  2. Astronomy and Coding (.pdf)

Sat Mar 28

  1. "Information Bottles"/Foundations of Programming
  2. Astronomy, Robotics, and Net Logo
  3. Programming Resources
  4. Code Monkey Island
  5. Arduinos
  6. Make Electronics